Seawater carbonate chemistry, nutrients, chlorophyll, and growth rate of Phaeocystis globosa (strain Pg G''A'') during experiments, 2011

  • Hoogstraten (Contributor)
  • Peters (Contributor)
  • Klaas Timmermans (Contributor)
  • Henricus Baar ,de (Creator)



Category: geoscientific Information

Supplemental Information: In order to allow full comparability with other ocean acidification data sets, the R package seacarb (Lavigne and Gattuso, 2011) was used to compute a complete and consistent set of carbonate system variables, as described by Nisumaa et al. (2010). In this dataset the original values were archived in addition with the recalculated parameters (see related PI).
Date made available29-Mar-2012
PublisherUniversity of Groningen

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