Sustainable energy transition in Province South Holland, Wind parks in Municipality Gorinchem



Dataset Province of South Holland: data collection took place in December 2020 – April 2021; the data was collected using the Dutch pre-paid panel Panelinzicht. Datasets Municipality Gorinchem Phase 1 & Phase 2: We conducted a questionnaire study among the inhabitants of the municipality of Gorinchem living within a 500m-2000m distance from where the wind park would potentially be sited. Data gathering took place in two phases, which corresponded to two key moments in the Municipality’s initiated public participation activities regarding the possibility of placing the wind turbines. The first phase of data gathering took place in February-March 2022, at the very beginning of the participatory process. The second phase of data gathering took place in September, 2022, after the Municipality has finalised the public participation procedure.
Date made available19-Jun-2023

Keywords on Datasets

  • public acceptability
  • public participation
  • renewable energy
  • wind energy

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