The Event Storyline Corpus v.1.0



    Annotation for news storyline extraction.
    This repository contains the following materials associated with the StoryLine extraction Task:

    annotated data in CAT-XML format (folder: annotated_data). To visualise the data, you have to use CAT (Content Annotation Tool: Ask for a n account, it's free.
    annotated data in evaluation format, extending PLOT_LINK relations to include coreference relations (folder: evaluation_format)
    test data (folder: evaluation_format/test)
    Python3.* scripts for creating the evaluation format of the data, extracting baselines systems, evaluating baselines'output.
    Date made available2-Aug-2017
    PublisherUniversity of Groningen
    Date of data production2017

    Keywords on Datasets

    • storyline
    • causality
    • event extraction

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