Clinical Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Research Program (CCNP)


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  • Additional file 1: Table S1. of Disorders of sex development: insights from targeted gene sequencing of a large international patient cohort

    Eggers, S. (Contributor), Sadedin, S. (Contributor), Bouty, A. (Contributor), Riedl, S. (Contributor), Webb, N. (Contributor), Looijenga, L. (Contributor), Grover, S. R. (Contributor), Bhatia, V. (Contributor), Hao, T. K. (Contributor), Koopman, P. (Contributor), Shalhoub, C. (Contributor), thi Diem Chi, N. (Contributor), Lambeth, L. (Contributor), Thompson, E. M. (Contributor), Faradz, S. (Contributor), Hutson, J. (Contributor), Carter, P. (Contributor), Khadilkar, V. (Contributor), Warne, G. (Contributor), Kimber, C. (Contributor), Srinivasan, S. (Contributor), Dũng, V. C. (Contributor), Harley, V. (Contributor), Cools, M. (Contributor), Hofman, P. (Contributor), Titmuss, A. (Contributor), Ewans, L. (Contributor), Tan, T. Y. (Contributor), Pachter, N. (Contributor), Krausz, C. (Contributor), O'Connell, M. (Contributor), Drop, S. (Contributor), Crock, P. (Contributor), Brown, J. (Contributor), Knarston, I. M. (Contributor), Zacharin, M. (Contributor), Robevska, G. (Contributor), Visser, U. (Contributor), Heloury, Y. (Contributor), Choong, C. S. (Contributor), Verge, C. F. (Contributor), King, R. I. (Contributor), Atta, I. (Contributor), Khadilkar, A. (Contributor), Ohnesorg, T. (Contributor), Dawson, A. (Contributor), Smith, J. (Contributor), Oshlack, A. (Contributor), Couper, J. (Contributor), Cowell, C. (Contributor), Mowat, D. (Contributor), Gecz, J. (Contributor), Smith, G. (Contributor), Raza, J. (Contributor), van Ravenswaaij-Arts, C. (Contributor), Bergman, P. (Contributor), Huynh, T. (Contributor), Hunter, M. F. (Contributor), Hewitt, J. (Contributor), McKenzie, F. (Contributor), van den Bergen, J. A. (Contributor), Cameron, F. (Contributor), Leong, G. (Contributor), Juniarto, A. Z. (Contributor), Werther, G. (Contributor), Wheeler, B. J. (Contributor), Lafferty, A. R. (Contributor), MacKenzie, K. (Contributor), Ono, M. (Contributor), Jefferies, C. (Contributor), Baxendale, A. (Contributor), Ayers, K. L. (Creator) & Sinclair, A. H. (Creator), University of Groningen, 14-Dec-2016


  • Data from: SYNGAP1 encephalopathy: a distinctive generalized developmental and epileptic encephalopathy

    Vlaskamp, D. (Contributor), Shaw, B. J. (Contributor), Burgess, R. (Contributor), Maas, S. M. (Contributor), Hildebrand, M. S. (Contributor), Sicca, F. (Contributor), Ware, T. L. (Contributor), Xie, H. (Contributor), Xiangwei, W. (Contributor), Williams, D. (Contributor), Mancini, G. M. S. (Contributor), Montomoli, M. (Contributor), van Ravenswaaij-Arts, C. (Contributor), Webster, R. I. (Contributor), Kalnins, R. M. (Contributor), Van De Laar, I. M. B. H. (Contributor), Malone, S. (Contributor), Berkovic, S. F. (Contributor), Korenke, G. C. (Contributor), Bennett, M. F. (Contributor), Brooks, A. S. (Contributor), Mei, D. (Contributor), Jiang, Y. (Contributor), Van Hagen, J. M. (Contributor), Myers, C. T. (Contributor), Mefford, H. C. (Contributor), Guerrini, R. (Contributor) & Scheffer, I. E. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 4-Sep-2019