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  • Herschel spectra of 11 very low mass stars

    Hendler, N. P. (Contributor), Mulders, G. D. (Contributor), Pascucci, I. (Contributor), Greenwood, A. (Contributor), Kamp, I. (Contributor), Henning, T. (Contributor), Ménard, F. (Contributor), Dent, W. R. F. (Contributor) & II, N. J. E. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 2-Mar-2018


  • [CII]157.7um feature in LIRGs

    Stacey, G. (Contributor), Sanders, D. B. (Contributor), Lu, N. (Contributor), Murphy, E. J. (Contributor), Stierwalt, S. (Contributor), Evans, A. S. (Contributor), Van Der Werf, D. W. P. P. (Contributor), Schulz, B. (Contributor), Iwasawa, K. (Contributor), Appleton, P. (Contributor), Chan, B. H. P. (Contributor), Haan, S. (Contributor), Frayer, D. T. (Contributor), Mazzarella, J. M. (Contributor), Malhotra, S. (Contributor), Sturm, E. (Contributor), Inami, H. (Contributor), Petric, A. O. (Contributor), Surace, J. A. (Contributor), Charmandaris, V. (Contributor), Armus, L. (Contributor), Meijerink, R. (Contributor), Lord, S. (Contributor), Melbourne, J. (Contributor), Xu, C. K. (Contributor), D?az-Santos, T. (Contributor), Veilleux, S. (Contributor), Howell, J. H. (Contributor) & Bridge, C. (Contributor), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 26-Mar-2015


  • ALMA maps of 6 sources of star forming regions

    Allen, V. A. (Contributor), van der Tak, F. (Contributor), López-Sepulcre, A. (Contributor), Sánchez-Monge, Á. (Contributor), Rivilla, V. M. (Contributor) & Cesaroni, R. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 20-Apr-2020