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Eduardo Balbinot, PhD


  • Landleven12

    9747 AD Groningen


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    Drimmel, R. (Contributor), Sartoretti, P. (Contributor), Stephenson, C. A. (Contributor), Bossini, D. (Contributor), Robin, A. C. (Contributor), Gutiérrez-Sánchez, R. (Contributor), Süveges, M. (Contributor), Mowlavi, N. (Contributor), Sordo, R. (Contributor), Jonker, P. G. (Contributor), Fabrizio, M. (Contributor), Bressan, A. (Contributor), Hodgkin, S. T. (Contributor), Hambly, N. C. (Contributor), Löffler, W. (Contributor), Huckle, H. E. (Contributor), Granvik, M. (Contributor), Burlacu, A. (Contributor), Musella, I. (Contributor), Prusti, T. (Contributor), Di Matteo, M. P. (Contributor), Davidson, M. (Contributor), Rowell, N. (Contributor), Ducourant, C. (Contributor), Bartolome, S. (Contributor), Roux, W. (Contributor), Bellazzini, M. (Contributor), Geyer, R. (Contributor), Abbas, U. (Contributor), Canovas, H. (Contributor), Hernández, J. (Contributor), Carry, B. (Contributor), Siebert, A. (Contributor), Michalik, D. (Contributor), Richards, P. J. (Contributor), Hauser, M. 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(Contributor), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 28-Apr-2021


  • Gaia DR2 candidate RR Lyrae of Sgr stream & dwarf

    Ramos, P. (Contributor), Mateu, C. (Contributor), Antoja, T. (Contributor), Helmi, A. (Contributor), Castro-Ginard, A. (Contributor), Balbinot, E. (Contributor) & Carrasco, J. M. (Contributor), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 19-Jun-2020