Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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  • Additional file 5: of The emerging landscape of dynamic DNA methylation in early childhood

    Annesi-Maesano, I. (Contributor), Kull, I. (Contributor), Just, J. (Contributor), Baïz, N. (Contributor), Sunyer, J. (Contributor), Jankipersadsing, S. (Contributor), van der Vlies, P. (Contributor), Bonder, M. J. (Contributor), Koppelman, G. (Contributor), Bustamante, M. (Contributor), Antó, J. M. (Contributor), Wijmenga, C. (Contributor), Xu, C. (Contributor), Bousquet, J. (Contributor), van Diemen, C. (Contributor), Zhernakova, S. (Contributor), Gehring, U. (Contributor), Li, Y. (Contributor), Rijkom, B. (Contributor), Postma, D. (Contributor), Melén, E. (Contributor), Kere, J. (Contributor) & Söderhäll, C. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 6-Jan-2017


  • Additional file 7 of DNA methylation and body mass index from birth to adolescence: meta-analyses of epigenome-wide association studies

    Melén, E. (Contributor), Lahti, J. (Contributor), Mori, T. A. (Contributor), Lepeule, J. (Contributor), Murphy, S. K. (Contributor), Zhang, H. (Contributor), Verduci, E. (Contributor), London, S. J. (Contributor), Huen, K. (Contributor), Felix, J. F. (Contributor), Reese, S. (Contributor), Heiskala, A. (Contributor), Jarvelin, M. (Contributor), Magnus, M. C. (Contributor), Page, C. (Contributor), Holloway, J. W. (Contributor), Muhlhausler, B. S. (Contributor), Sharp, G. C. (Contributor), Rezwan, F. I. (Contributor), Koletzko, B. (Contributor), Lent, S. (Contributor), Gao, L. (Contributor), Czamara, D. (Contributor), Yang, I. V. (Contributor), Monnereau, C. (Contributor), Zhang, W. (Contributor), Dabelea, D. (Contributor), Vehmeijer, F. O. L. (Contributor), Sebert, S. (Contributor), Gruzieva, O. (Contributor), Huang, R. (Contributor), Relton, C. L. (Contributor), Räikkönen, K. (Contributor), Molloy, P. L. (Contributor), Hoyo, C. (Contributor), Sørensen, T. I. A. (Contributor), Küpers, L. K. (Contributor), Gruszfeld, D. (Contributor), Vrijheid, M. (Contributor), Rifas-Shiman, S. (Contributor), Melton, P. E. (Contributor), Nohr, E. (Contributor), Ewart, S. (Contributor), Chatzi, L. (Contributor), Baccarelli, A. (Contributor), Bustamante, M. (Contributor), Vonk, J. (Contributor), Snieder, H. (Contributor), Tindula, G. (Contributor), Qi, C. (Contributor), Aasvang, G. M. (Contributor), Breton, C. V. (Contributor), Langhendries, J. (Contributor), Beilin, L. J. (Contributor), Karmaus, W. (Contributor), Gong, T. (Contributor), Jaddoe, V. W. V. (Contributor), Koppelman, G. (Contributor), Rzehak, P. (Contributor), Maguire, R. L. (Contributor), Oken, E. (Contributor), Yousefi, P. (Contributor), Salas, L. A. (Contributor), Grote, V. (Contributor), Ferre, N. (Contributor), Escaramís, G. (Contributor), Jima, D. D. (Contributor), Eskenazi, B. (Contributor), Tuominen, S. T. (Contributor), Ruiz-Arenas, C. (Contributor), Holland, N. (Contributor), Bergström, A. (Contributor), Kull, I. (Contributor), Nystad, W. (Contributor), Starling, A. P. (Contributor), Almqvist, C. (Contributor), Binder, E. (Contributor), Håberg, S. E. (Contributor), Corpeleijn, E. (Contributor), Ullemar, V. (Contributor), Hivert, M. (Contributor), Ross, J. P. (Contributor), Xu, C. (Contributor), Karlsson, R. (Contributor) & Arshad, S. H. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 1-Jan-2020


  • Additional file 3 of DNA methylation and body mass index from birth to adolescence: meta-analyses of epigenome-wide association studies

    Bergström, A. (Contributor), Sørensen, T. I. A. (Contributor), Melén, E. (Contributor), Verduci, E. (Contributor), Koppelman, G. (Contributor), Monnereau, C. (Contributor), Yousefi, P. (Contributor), Salas, L. A. (Contributor), Ewart, S. (Contributor), Hoyo, C. (Contributor), Qi, C. (Contributor), Eskenazi, B. (Contributor), Vrijheid, M. (Contributor), Relton, C. L. (Contributor), Ferre, N. (Contributor), Hivert, M. (Contributor), Rzehak, P. (Contributor), Jaddoe, V. W. V. (Contributor), Corpeleijn, E. (Contributor), Jima, D. D. (Contributor), Bustamante, M. (Contributor), Starling, A. P. (Contributor), Koletzko, B. (Contributor), Ruiz-Arenas, C. (Contributor), Ullemar, V. (Contributor), Zhang, H. (Contributor), Gong, T. (Contributor), Dabelea, D. (Contributor), Vonk, J. (Contributor), Gruzieva, O. (Contributor), Oken, E. (Contributor), Heiskala, A. (Contributor), Czamara, D. (Contributor), Jarvelin, M. (Contributor), Nohr, E. (Contributor), Chatzi, L. (Contributor), Karlsson, R. (Contributor), Molloy, P. L. (Contributor), Küpers, L. K. (Contributor), Breton, C. V. (Contributor), Rezwan, F. I. (Contributor), Mori, T. A. (Contributor), Vehmeijer, F. O. L. (Contributor), Page, C. (Contributor), Håberg, S. E. (Contributor), Snieder, H. (Contributor), Holland, N. (Contributor), Binder, E. (Contributor), Melton, P. E. (Contributor), Karmaus, W. (Contributor), Ross, J. P. (Contributor), Baccarelli, A. (Contributor), Lent, S. (Contributor), Grote, V. (Contributor), Nystad, W. (Contributor), Holloway, J. W. (Contributor), Langhendries, J. (Contributor), Gruszfeld, D. (Contributor), Räikkönen, K. (Contributor), Felix, J. F. (Contributor), Zhang, W. (Contributor), Maguire, R. L. (Contributor), Beilin, L. J. (Contributor), Gao, L. (Contributor), Rifas-Shiman, S. (Contributor), Yang, I. V. (Contributor), Xu, C. (Contributor), Magnus, M. C. (Contributor), Sebert, S. (Contributor), London, S. J. (Contributor), Sharp, G. C. (Contributor), Kull, I. (Contributor), Almqvist, C. (Contributor), Lahti, J. (Contributor), Murphy, S. K. (Contributor), Muhlhausler, B. S. (Contributor), Huang, R. (Contributor), Lepeule, J. (Contributor), Huen, K. (Contributor), Reese, S. (Contributor), Arshad, S. H. (Contributor), Escaramís, G. (Contributor), Tuominen, S. T. (Contributor), Tindula, G. (Contributor) & Aasvang, G. M. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 1-Jan-2020