Steven van Heuven


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    9747 AG Groningen


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Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 1 - No Poverty
  • SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
  • SDG 13 - Climate Action
  • SDG 14 - Life Below Water
  • SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals


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  • Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) V6

    Bakker, D. C. E. (Creator), Lauvset, S. K. (Creator), Wanninkhof, R. (Creator), Castano Primo, R. (Data Manager), Currie, K. (Creator), Jones, S. D. (Creator), Landa, C. S. (Creator), Metzl, N. (Creator), Nakaoka, S.-I. (Creator), Nojiri, Y. (Creator), Nonaka, I. (Creator), O'Brien, K. (Other), Olsen, A. (Creator), Pfeil, B. (Creator), Pierrot, D. (Creator), Schuster, U. (Creator), Smith, K. (Creator), Sullivan, K. A. (Creator), Sutton, A. J. (Creator), Tilbrook, B. (Creator), Alin, S. (Creator), Becker, M. (Creator), Benoit-Cattin, A. (Creator), Bott, R. (Creator), Bozec, Y. (Creator), Bozzano, R. (Creator), Burger, E. (Creator), Burgers, T. (Creator), Cai, W.-J. (Creator), Chen, L. (Creator), Chierici, M. (Creator), Corredor, J. (Creator), Cosca, C. E. (Creator), Cross, J. (Creator), Dandonneau, Y. (Creator), De Carlo, E. H. (Creator), Dietrich, C. (Creator), Else, B. (Creator), EMERSON, S. (Creator), Farias, L. (Creator), Fransson, A. (Creator), Garreaud, R. D. (Creator), Gkritzalis, T. (Creator), Glockzin, M. (Creator), González-Dávila, M. (Creator), Gregor, L. (Creator), Hartman, S. E. (Creator), Hermes, R. (Creator), Hoppema, M. (Creator), Howden, S. (Creator), van Heuven, S. M. A. C. (Creator), Hunt, C. W. (Creator), Hydes, D. (Creator), Ibánhez, J. S. P. (Creator), Kitidis, V. (Creator), Körtzinger, A. (Creator), Kozyr, A. (Creator), Kuwata, A. (Creator), Lampitt, R. S. (Creator), Lefevre, N. (Creator), Lo Monaco, C. (Creator), Maenner, S. M. (Creator), Manke, A. (Creator), Manzello, D. P. (Creator), McGillis, W. (Creator), Mickett, J. (Creator), Monteiro, P. M. S. (Creator), Morell, J. (Creator), Morrison, R. (Creator), Mucci, A. (Creator), Munro, D. R. (Creator), Musielewicz, S. (Creator), Negri, R. M. (Creator), Newberger, T. (Creator), Newton, J. (Creator), Noakes, S. (Creator), O'Brien, C. (Creator), Ólafsdóttir, S. R. (Creator), Olafsson, J. (Creator), Ono, T. (Creator), Osbourne, J. (Creator), Ouyang, Z. (Creator), Padin, X. A. (Creator), Papakyriakou, T. (Creator), Plüddemann, A. J. (Creator), Rehder, G. (Creator), Sabine, C. (Creator), Sakurai, K. (Creator), Salisbury, J. E. (Creator), M., S.-C. (Creator), Schlitzer, R. (Creator), Schneider, B. (Creator), Send, U. (Creator), Skjelvan, I. (Creator), Steinhoff, T. (Creator), Sulpis, O. (Creator), Sutherland, S. C. (Creator), Sweeney, C. (Creator), Tadokoro, K. (Creator), Takahashi, T. (Creator), Telszewski, M. (Creator), Thomas, H. (Creator), Tomlinson, M. G. (Creator), Trull, T. W. (Creator), Valdimarsson, H. (Creator), Vandemark, D. (Creator), Wada, C. (Creator), Wallace, D. W. R. (Creator), Watson, A. J. (Creator), Weller, R. A. (Creator) & Suqing, X. (Creator), PANGAEA, Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science, 2018


  • Supplemental data of Global Carbon Budget 2017

    Lenton, A. (Contributor), Manning, A. C. (Contributor), Watson, A. J. (Creator), Wiltshire, A. J. (Creator), Peregon, A. (Creator), Walker, A. P. (Creator), Koertzinger, A. (Creator), Jain, A. K. (Creator), Pfeil, B. (Creator), Poulter, B. (Creator), Stocker, B. D. (Creator), Tilbrook, B. (Creator), Cosca, C. E. (Creator), Roedenbeck, C. (Creator), Hunt, C. W. (Creator), Le Quere, C. (Creator), Zhu, D. (Creator), Lombardozzi, D. (Creator), Munro, D. R. (Creator), Pierrot, D. (Creator), Bakker, D. C. E. (Creator), Kato, E. (Creator), Millero, F. J. (Creator), Chevallier, F. (Creator), Hurtt, G. (Creator), Peters, G. P. (Creator), Rehder, G. (Creator), van der Werf, G. R. (Creator), Tian, H. (Creator), Harris, I. (Creator), van der Laan-Luijkx, I. T. (Creator), Skjelvan, I. (Creator), Lima, I. D. (Creator), Korsbakken, J. I. (Creator), Reimer, J. (Creator), Cross, J. (Creator), Canadell, J. G. (Creator), Hauck, J. (Creator), Nabel, J. E. M. S. (Creator), Pongratz, J. (Creator), Schwinger, J. (Creator), Goldewijk, K. K. (Creator), Currie, K. (Creator), Bopp, L. (Creator), Barbero, L. (Creator), Chini, L. P. (Creator), Kautz, M. (Creator), Becker, M. (Creator), Lefevre, N. (Creator), Metzl, N. (Creator), Viovy, N. (Creator), Vuichard, N. (Creator), Andrews, O. D. (Creator), Monteiro, P. M. S. (Creator), Landschuetzer, P. (Creator), Ciais, P. (Creator), Friedlingstein, P. (Creator), Tans, P. P. (Creator), Keeling, R. F. (Creator), Betts, R. A. (Creator), Houghton, R. A. (Creator), Andrew, R. M. (Creator), Jackson, R. B. (Creator), Seferian, R. (Creator), Lienert, S. (Creator), Nakaoka, S.-I. (Creator), Sitch, S. (Creator), van Heuven, S. (Creator), Zaehle, S. (Creator), Ilyina, T. (Creator), Boden, T. A. (Creator), Gasser, T. (Creator), Haverd, V. (Creator), Arora, V. K. (Creator), Padin, X. A. (Creator) & Nojiri, Y. (Creator), ICOS Carbon Portal, 12-Mar-2018


  • Chlorofluorocarbons measured on water bottle samples during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XX/2 (ISPOL)

    Huhn, O. (Contributor), Rhein, M. (Contributor), Hoppema, M. (Contributor) & van Heuven, S. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 19-Aug-2013


  • Underway physical oceanography and carbon dioxide measurements during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XXIV/2

    van Heuven, S. (Contributor), Hoppema, M. (Contributor) & Jones, E. M. (Creator), University of Groningen, 23-May-2014


  • Underway physical oceanography and carbon dioxide measurements during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XXV/4

    van Heuven, S. (Contributor), Hoppema, M. (Contributor) & Jones, E. M. (Creator), University of Groningen, 23-May-2014