Defining the informed consent needs of patients in radiological healthcare in a video vignette experiment.

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At present there is a lack of evidence when and how informed consent should be performed in
radiological healthcare. This problem plays a role in 1)interventional radiology, 2)diagnostic radiology,
and 3)retrospective radiology research. So far, the issue of informed consent has only been discussed
from the viewpoint of healthcare professionals, whereas the voice of the population has been
completely ignored. Gaining knowledge of the population’s view about when and how informed
consent should be performed in the above-mentioned settings, will enable the development of clinical
guidelines, legal frameworks, standardize radiological procedures, and improve patient care. In this
project we aim to map the general populations’ view on the need and contents of informed consent
procedures in radiological healthcare. We will do so by implementing an experimental study in which
we compare written vignettes to video vignettes allowing participants to more conveniently process
the complex information relevant to informed consent.
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