Dyason Fellowship

  • Todd Graham (Recipient)

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    Edward Clarence Evelyn Dyason was a notable humanist, philanthropist and engineer in the city of Melbourne who in 1947 bequeathed to the University one-half of his residuary estate, for the advancement of education. The purpose of the Dyason Fellowship is to support the educational benefits of this vision by assisting University staff to undertake (or host) a short-term international visit that fosters significant and lasting research collaborations with leading international researchers, their academic networks and consortia. At least a third of all funding is intended to support high quality projects in the humanities and social science. Visits can be inbound or outbound including where appropriate, a combination of both. The standard award will not exceed $5,000. In exceptional circumstances, additional funding may be awarded if the request can be justified. I was awarded 5000 AUD. Applicants are asked to present a project outline that clearly demonstrates how the award will help establish or enhance a new or existing international research collaboration. Fellowships are not intended to support conference attendance. Fellowship funds can be used as a contribution towards the total cost of the activity and can include any (or all) of the following: international flights and connections (inbound and/or outbound) accommodation venue and associated equipment hire; and other ancillary costs related to the visit (but not direct research related expenses). Fellowship funds cannot be used for salaries (applicant, collaborator, research assistants or consultants) or other direct costs associated with the proposed research collaboration (bench fees, materials and other research related expenses).
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