An Edition of Miles Hogarde’s A Mirroure of Myserie, 1557 (Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship, Huntington Library)

  • Sobecki, Sebastian (PI)

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    This project has been generously supported through a one-month Andrew W., Mellon Foundation Fellowship at the Huntington Library in California, US.

    Miles Hogarde or Huggarde was Queen Mary’s most prominent and outspoken religious polemicist. Of his nine known works, only A Mirroure of Myserie – his last substantial text – never saw print. It survives only in HM 121. There exist relatively few references to this work, and only fragments of it have been quoted by modern scholarship. Despite Hogarde’s role as the ‘best of Roman Catholic propagandists’ at the time and as the ‘most prolific Marian author’ (Martin 1989, 103–5), this 900-line dream poem remains inaccessible to contemporary scholarship.

    Key findings

    This is the first edition of A Mirroure of Myserie (1557), a poem by the Catholic propagandist Miles Hogarde and probably presented to Queen Mary. Cast as a dream vision, this combative dialogue draws on William Langland’s widely circulating medieval poem The Vision of Piers Plowman and offers a critical assessment of sixteenth-century morality in England.

    The Mirroure of Myserie has been edited from Huntington Library MS 121 and is accompanied by a short introduction. This accessible edition preserves Hogarde’s original spelling but adds modern punctuation and glosses of all unfamiliar words and concepts.
    Short titleMirroure of Myserie
    Effective start/end date01/07/201531/12/2020


    • early modern
    • Tudor England
    • Mary Tudor
    • Catholicism
    • Miles Hogarde