Newcomers in humanitarian aid : Explaining the creation of humanitarian NGOs in the Global South

  • Egger, Clara (PI)

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    This research project aims to analyze the contemporary reconfigurations of the humanitarian sector, looking at the role played by humanitarian NGOs originating from Global South (GS) states. The proposal addresses the following main question: what are the factors explaining the growing role played by GS NGOs
    in humanitarian response? To answer this question, the research focuses on the analysis of the creation of these NGOs. Investigating creation patterns enables to more easily distinguish between three mechanisms likely to explain the growing activism of GS humanitarian NGOs. NGOs may be created: out of a collective mobilization of citizens (bottom-up process), as agent of their national government (top-down process) and out of “localization” strategies of foreign actors (outside-in process). By addressing this question, the research contributes to the literature on NGOs and civil society organizations by developing a comprehensive model likely to predict the emergence of NGOs, given a series of domestic and international factors. The research especially seeks to understand how the tension between global human security norms (leading states and NGOs to engage in relief activities worldwide) and the needs for “localized” answers to crises lead to the creation of NGOs with different agendas in Global South states.
    Short titleNEWCOMERS
    Effective start/end date01/01/201931/12/2021