Resurfacing Doggerland. Environment, humans and material culture in a drowning postglacial landscape

  • Peeters, Hans (PI)
  • Spithoven-Stikkelorum, Merel (PhD student)
  • Dee, Michael (Researcher)
  • Van Gijn, A.L. (Collaborator)
  • Niekus, Marcel (Researcher)
  • Smit, Bjørn I. (Collaborator)
  • Zeiler, Jørn (Researcher)
  • Deloecker, Dimitri (Researcher)
  • Altena, Eveline (Researcher)
  • Kootker, Lisette (Researcher)
  • Stolk, Ad (Collaborator)
  • Amkreutz, Luc (Researcher)
  • Schiltmans, Dimitri (Collaborator)
  • Müller, Axel (Collaborator)
  • Waldus, Wouter B. (PI)
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