The gut microbiome, senescence and mortality in an isolated vertebrate population

  • Dugdale, Hannah (PI)
  • Richardson, David S. (PI)
  • Zhang Lee , Chuen (PhD student)

Project Details


University of East Anglia PhD (supervised with David Richardson & Falk Hildebrand)

Chuen’s research focuses on the functional gut microbiome variation in relation to senescence, fitness, and mortality in a population free from any confounds caused by captivity and medical or health interventions. His goal is to determine changes in the gut microbiome using metagenomics to predict functional variation in the Seychelles warbler as individuals become older. A better understanding of the gut microbiome is linked to senescence will allow people to design ways to optimise the gut microbiome, mitigate negative effects and promote healthy ageing.
StatusNot started


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