A cytological study of Nematospora coryli pegl

Alic Koopmans

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    A study is made of nuclear division in Nematospora coryli, a pathogenic yeast. The DNA of cells (grown on a V-8-medium) was stained with leuco-basic fuchsin (Feulgen test) at pH 3.5. After budding has started the rounded nucleus elongates and some differentiation into chromosomes is perceptible. A few slides suggest the number of chromosomes being 4. After some time the nucleus appears to have duplicated. This nucleus migrates towards the isthmus between mother cell and bud. In the isthmus, or just in front of it, the two daughter nuclei proceed to disjoin and move along each other to opposite directions. One daughter nucleus moves into the bud; the other one migrates back into the mother cell.
    Samples from synchronously growing cultures show that a fraction of the young yeast cells are destined to grow out to asci, in which after about 6 hours the presence of bivalents seems highly probable. The succeeding nuclear divisions take place in the same way as described for the vegetative cells and stop when the majority of the enlarged asci contain 8 nuclei.
    Problems of haploidy and diploidy are discussed.
    Small, densely stained bodies are observed in certain vegetative and some meiotic stages. As these bodies contain DNA, their function and possible homology with centrioles is discussed.
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    Publication statusPublished - 1977

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