AAPS blog: Personalized Medicine in Pediatrics: The Clinical Potential of Orodispersible Films

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Personalized medicine is becoming increasingly important in contemporary pharmacotherapeutics. If commercially available products are unsuitable or unavailable, pharmacy preparations such as orodispersible films (ODFs) can fulfill the patient’s individual need. For children, ODFs can be a highly attractive dosage form for the oral administration of drugs. ODFs are easy to administer and require almost no intake of water. ODFs may especially suit the individual approach needed for patients having difficulties swallowing tablets. In clinical conditions where volume restriction is important, ODFs may gain in place in the therapeutic arsenal. Many cardiovascular drugs are administered to patients in which the fluid balance is rigidly monitored and carefully balanced because of a comprised cardiac output.
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Media of outputAAPS blog
Publication statusPublished - 20-Jul-2016

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