Antipsychotic treatment and sexual functioning: From mechanisms to clinical practice

Marrit Kristine de Boer

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    Sexual side effects can occur during the use of different medications. For most people, sexual functioning is important and pleasant. Problems in sexual functioning are common and are associated with a decreased quality of life, also in the general population. Doctors as well as patients often experience difficulty to talk about sexual side effects. This is regretful, because often there are options available to improve sexual functioning.
    Also, medications which are used for treatment of psychosis (antipsychotics) regularly cause sexual side effects, while patients often use these medications for a long time. The PhD thesis “Antipsychotic treatment and sexual functioning: from mechanisms to clinical practice” of Marrit de Boer describes which factors are involved in sexual functioning and in which way this can be influenced by the use of antipsychotics. This thesis shows that the probability to experience sexual side effects differs between antipsychotics. This is, among other things, associated with their influence on the dopaminergic system in the brain. Also, a questionnaire for the measurement of sexual side effects is described in this PhD thesis.
    Besides that, this research gives information on treatment strategies for antipsychotic-induced sexual dysfunction, and gives practical advice to clinicians. When doctors do not ask for sexual side effects, this remains undiscussed in three-quarter of cases. Thus, it is important that clinicians make this subject open to discussion with the patients, in order to consider the options together with the patient.
    Translated title of the contributionAntipsychotische behandeling en seksueel functioneren: From mechanisms to clinical practice
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