Biomarker, kit and method for predicting clinical responsiveness to therapy with an agent that targets alpha4beta7 integrin

Gerard Dijkstra (Inventor), Klaas Nico Faber (Inventor), Arno Rolf Bourgonje (Inventor), Ruben Yannick Gabriëls (Inventor), Julius Zweder Hubertus von Martels (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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The invention relates generally to biomarkers, methods and kits to predict therapy response in patients, in particular in patients having inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Provided is a method for predicting whether a human subject is likely to show a clinical response to therapy with an antibody or pharmacological antagonist that targets α4β7 integrin, preferably vedolizumab induction therapy, comprising (i) determining the level of eotaxin-1 in a sample obtained from the subject, and; (ii) classifying the subject as a responder based on the leve of eotaxin-1.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2020226498
Priority date07/05/2019
Filing date07/05/2020
Publication statusPublished - 12-Nov-2020

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