Biomolecular Sciences: uniting Biology and Chemistry

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Biomolecular Sciences: uniting Biology and Chemistry

The scientific discoveries in biomolecular sciences have benefitted enormously
from technological innovations. At the Groningen Biomolecular Science and
Biotechnology Institute (GBB) we now sequence a genome in days, construct
thousands of mutants, assemble novel pathways, compute the motions of and
within molecules, and visualize single molecules and cells by electron and advanced fluorescence microscopy.
The GBB was founded in 1992, but the history of biomolecular sciences in Groningen dates back to much earlier times, arguably starting with the appointment of Max Gruber as the first professor in Biochemistry in 1956. The GBB was established to unite the excellent research on biomolecules and cellular systems within the disciplines of Biology and Chemistry, providing a platform for multidisciplinary training of postdoctoral fellows and (under)graduate students. Since 1993, the GBB has been accredited as a Dutch research school by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and successfully performs to these standards for 25 years.
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