Cardiovascular prostheses in congenital heart disease

Ymkje van Slooten

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    In the first part of this thesis we describe Fontan patients that only have one functional heart chamber when they are born. These young patients require multiple open heart surgeries to partially bypass the defective heart. As these bypasses are implanted at a very young age, only small conduits can be used. Some of the children may eventually outgrow their bypasses which necessitates reoperation to implant a larger conduit. In order to prevent this we propose a particular sequence of operations to allow the Fontan children to grow so a large enough conduit may be implanted in the first place.

    In the second part of this thesis we describe the long-term consequences of a prosthetic heart valve in patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) that are now adult. Patients with CHD often have valve defects that necessitate operative replacement of a valve with a mechanical or biological (e.g. porcine) prosthesis. Patients with CHD differ from adults with acquired valve disease: they are younger, they have a more active lifestyle, and they have different underlying disease. Due to incredible progress within the care delivered to these CHD-patients, more and more patients survive into adulthood. However, we now see that almost 50% has to deal with long-term complications in connection to the prosthetic heart valve. We are the first to report the long-term complications in adult patients with CHD on such a scale.
    Translated title of the contributionHartklep- en vaatprothesen bij aangeboren hartafwijkingen
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