Conservare per costruire: Gentile and the Constitutional Reforms

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    In the vast literature on Gentile’s Fascism much attention has been paid to Gentile’s political activities in the 1920s. Beginning from his adherence to Fascism in 1923 and his breach with Benedetto Croce, Gentile’s interpreters have focused on his famous reform of education, the project of the Enciclopedia Italiana, and his cultural policies later in the decade. In contrast, they have never paid much attention to Gentile’s presidency of Commission of Fifteen and the Commission of Eighteen, also known as the Commission of Solons for constitutional reforms in the years 1924-1925. Examining Gentile's presidency in the context of the development of his Fascist writings, this chapter shows how the philosopher, though defending the Statuto Albertino gradually convinced himself of the truth of Fascism.
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    • Giovanni Gentile
    • Constitutional law
    • Fascism

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