Cost-effectiveness of obinutuzumab for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in The Netherlands

Hedwig M. Blommestein*, Saskia de Groot, Mieke J. Aarts, Pepijn Vemer, Robin de Vries, Annet F. M. van Abeelen, E. F. M. Ward Posthuma, Carin A. Uyl-de Groota

*Corresponding author for this work

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Background: Obinutuzumab combined with chlorambucil (GClb) has shown to be superior to rituximab combined with chlorambucil (RClb) and chlorambucil (Clb) in newly diagnosed patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). This study evaluates the cost-effectiveness per life-year and quality adjusted life-year (QALY) of GClb compared to RClb, Clb, and ofatumumab plus chlorambucil (OClb) in The Netherlands.

Methods: A Markov model was developed to assess the cost-effectiveness of GClb, RClb, Clb and other treatments in the United Kingdom. A country adaptation was made to estimate the cost-effectiveness of these therapies in The Netherlands using Dutch unit costs and Dutch data sources for background mortality and post-progression survival.

Results: An incremental gain of 1.06 and 0.64 QALYs was estimated for GClb compared to Clb and RClb respectively, at additional costs of 23,208 and 7254 per patient. Corresponding incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICERs) were 21,823 and 11,344 per QALY. Indirect treatment comparisons showed an incremental gain varying from 0.44 to 0.77 QALYs for GClb compared to OClb and additional costs varying from 7041 to 5028 per patient. The ICER varied from 6556 to 16,180 per QALY. Sensitivity analyses showed the robustness of the results.

Conclusion: GClb appeared to be a cost-effective treatment strategy compared to RClb, OClb and Clb. (C) 2016 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)37-45
Number of pages9
JournalLeukemia Research
Publication statusPublished - Nov-2016


  • Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
  • Obinutuzumab
  • Chlorambucil
  • Rituximab
  • Ofatumumab
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Costs

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