De topografie van de herinnnering; doden, traditie en collectief geheugen in Mesopotamië

Gerdientje Jonker

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This research is aboute collective remembrance in Mesopotamia. Under all circumstances the mesopotamian form of shared recollection dealt with a choice from, and a construction of 'the past'. The Mesopotamians were confronted with three different methods to do so: 1. The repetition of what one had seen and heard. In science this is called 'mimetic remembrance'. 2. The direct association of an event to the place where it had happened. This way of remembering is commonly called 'the memory of things'. 3. The use of different networks of communication, both oral and written. These networks describe the past in terms of songs and stories. ... Zie: Summary
Original languageDutch
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
  • Bremmer, Jan, Supervisor
  • Wiggerman, F.A.M., Supervisor, External person
Publication statusPublished - 1993

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