Development and evaluation of a questionnaire measuring pre-service teachers’ teaching behaviour: A Rasch modelling approach

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The present study examines the development of a measure tapping students’ perceptions of (pre-service) teachers’ teaching behaviour to explore the practical value of such a measure in teacher education and teacher professional development programs. From a sample of 1,635 students of 91 pre-service teachers teaching in secondary education in The Netherlands, random subsamples of 809 students of 45 teachers and of 826 students of 46 teachers were used for analyses. Classical test analyses were used as a preliminary approach prior to utilizing Rasch modelling to the data. Additionally, multilevel analyses were used to examine the predictive validity of the measure on student academic engagement as an external criterion. Results revealed that a shortened and representative measure of teachers’ behaviour meets the requirements of the Rasch model sufficiently. In addition, the predictive quality of the shortened measure was confirmed. Implications of findings for research and educational practices were discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)169-194
Number of pages26
JournalSchool Effectiveness and School Improvement
Issue number2
Early online date23-Jul-2014
Publication statusPublished - Apr-2015

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