Discovering the Dark Side of CDM Substructure

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The existence of mass substructure is an inevitable consequence of the LCDM paradigm. Depite this clear theoretical prediction, a glaring discrepancy with the number of luminous satellites around the Milky Way {MW} has been identified, i.e. the "missing satellite problem". Notwithstanding great progress to address this problem, it remains unsolved. Moreover, the MW could be a biased environment, not representative of the typical universe. Surface brightness aberrations of gravitationally lensed images provide a complementary channel to detect substructure beyond the local Universe in mostly massive early-type galaxies. Simulations suggest a substructure mass fraction of f_sub99% CL. We request 30 orbits with HST WFC3-F390W to accomplish this goal.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)12898
JournalHST Proposal ID #12898. Cycle 20
Publication statusPublished - Oct-2012

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