Early-type Galaxies in Isolation: An HI Perspective with ATLAS 3D

P. Serra, R. Morganti, T. A. Oosterloo, K. Alatalo, L. Blitz, M. Bois, R. C. E. van den Bosch, F. Bournaud, M. Bureau, M. Cappellari, R. L. Davies, T. A. Davis, P. Duc, E. Emsellem, J. Falcón-Barroso, S. Khochfar, D. Krajnovic, H. Kuntschner, P. Y. Lablanche, R. M. McDermidT. Naab, M. Sarzi, N. Scott, G. de Ven, A. Weijmans, L. M. Young, P. T. de Zeeuw

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We present preliminary results of our HI WSRT observations of early-type galaxies in the ATLAS3D sample. We discuss the dependence of HI properties on environment. We detect HI in about half of the galaxies outside the Virgo cluster. The HI morphology/kinematics changes as a function of environment, going from regular, rotating systems around “isolated” galaxies to progressively more disturbed structures for galaxies with neighbours or in groups. In denser environment, inside Virgo, nearly none of the galaxies contains HI.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationGalaxies in Isolation
Subtitle of host publicationExploring Nature Versus Nurture
EditorsL. Verder-Montenegro, A. del Olmo, J. Sulentic
Publication statusPublished - Oct-2010

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