Eco-evo-devo of migration syndromes

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Many species exhibit partial migration: only a subset of the population migrates, while the rest stays at home. Understanding partial migration is important, since it effects the population dynamics, niche breadth, gene flow, and reproductive isolation. For this, it is important to realize that migrants are not a random sample of the population but differ systematically from residents in a whole suite of traits. We combine field studies, mesocosm experiments, and individual-based simulations to unravel this ’migration syndrome’ in partially migrating populations of three-spined sticklebacks in the Netherlands.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 16-Apr-2019
EventNetherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting 2019 - Akoesticum, Ede, Netherlands
Duration: 16-Apr-201916-Apr-2019
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ConferenceNetherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting 2019
Abbreviated titleNLSEB2019
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