Embracing the perspectives of older adults in organising and evaluating person‐centred and integrated care

Sophie Spoorenberg

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    Person-centred and integrated care may be a means to meet the multifaceted health needs of older adults who are dealing with the consequences of ageing. An example of such a person-centred and integrated care service for community-living older adults is Embrace. The aim of Embrace is to prolong the ability of older adults to age in place. A multidisciplinary team provides care and support, with the intensity and focus depending on the older adult’s risk profile.
    This thesis describes the consequences of ageing, the needs of older adults, the short-term impact of Embrace and the extent to which Embrace met the needs of older adults. Older adults reported in interviews that the prospect of becoming dependent and losing control were key issues in their lives. Furthermore, they experienced a wide variety of problems, especially regarding mental functions and mobility. Older adults also reported that the care and support from Embrace resulted in the ability to better deal with the consequences of ageing. They experienced fewer and less severe health-related problems, and felt safe, secure and more in control. Research with self-report questionnaires, however, did not yet confirm an improvement in health, wellbeing and self-management. A possible explanation is that the measurement instruments used were not suitable for the target population and intervention, causing difficulties with measuring changes. Person-centred and integrated care services for older adults can therefore be recommended with some caution. Further research is needed to confirm the findings reported in this thesis and to study the long-term effects.
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    • University of Groningen
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    • Kremer, Berry, Supervisor
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    Award date19-Apr-2017
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    Publication statusPublished - 2017


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