End-on and side-on peroxo derivatives of non-heme iron complexes with pentadentate ligands: Models for putative intermediates in biological iron/dioxygen chemistry

Gerard Roelfes, Vladislav Vrajmasu, Kui Chen, Raymond Y. N. Ho, Jan-Uwe Rohde, Charon Zondervan, Rene M. la Crois, Ebe P. Schudde, Martin Lutz, Anthony L. Spek, Ronald Hage, Ben L. Feringa, Eckard Munck, Lawrence Que, Jr. Que

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  • CCDC 210183: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

    Roelfes, J. (Contributor), Vrajmasu, V. (Contributor), Chen, K. (Contributor), Ho, R. Y. N. (Contributor), Rohde, J. (Contributor), Zondervan, C. (Contributor), Crois ,la, R. (Contributor), Schudde, E. (Contributor), Lutz, M. (Contributor), Spek, A. L. (Contributor), Hage, R. (Contributor), Feringa, B. L. (Contributor), Munck, E. (Contributor) & Que Jr., L. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 8-May-2003