Enhancing antenatal care decisions among expectant mothers in Uganda

Hasifah Kasujja Namatovu

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    Antenatal care attendance is still a very big challenge among expectant mothers in Uganda especially among those in poor and resource constrained communities. This is largely caused by the lack of access to ANC services, lack of autonomy by expectant mothers to make decisions to seek care among others. Hence, the key research question in this study was “How can antenatal care decisions among expectant mothers in Uganda be enhanced?”
    The need to improve decision making practices among expectant mothers in Uganda paved way into exploring different cases with the purpose of understanding underlying decision making challenges expectant mothers face during antenatal care. This was achieved by employing design science as a stance of engaged scholarship. It was revealed in literature and exploration that the lack of information, cultural inclination, social, infrastructural among others are factors inhibiting decision making among expectant mothers to utilize antenatal care services. It was against this background that the requirements leading to the design and instantiation of the Antenatal Care Studio emerged. The ACS design was anchored using the notion of decision enhancement (Keen and Sol, 2008). The ACS was tested and evaluated by expectant mothers and care providers in the antenatal care domain. Results demonstrated that the ACS was useful in enhancing antenatal care decisions, facilitating routine antenatal care practices and promoting a collaborative environment among expectant mothers and care providers. The ACS design and instantiation was a major contribution to knowledge and practice.
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    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
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    • University of Groningen
    • Sol, H, Supervisor
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    • Winter, R., Assessment committee, External person
    Award date19-Apr-2018
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    Publication statusPublished - 2018

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