Epigenetic therapies may alleviate cognitive deficits in Down syndrome by downregulating overexpressed chromosome 21 gene products

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Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Epigenetics is a comprehensive reference for the epigenetic basis of most common neuropsychiatric disorders. The volume is organized into chapters representing individual neuropsychiatric disorders, from addition to obesity contributed by leading experts in their respective fields. The epigenetic aspects of each disorder are discussed, in the context of the full range of epigenetic mechanisms including DNA modification, histone post-translational modification, chromatin organization and non-coding RNA. A particular emphasis is placed on potential epigenetic interventions, when the effects of environmental stimuli on epigenetic states is particularly relevant o disease.

Recent discoveries in epigenetic research enabled by epic advances in genomic technologies have positioned the field for broad translation to therapeutic interventions for previously unmanageable disorders Neuropsychiatric disorders represent a prime target of epigenetic interventions as they are highly debilitating, often chronic diseases with enormous costs to society. Thus, this volume will help define epigenetics as a key player in neuropsychiatric disorders, highlighting the full spectrum of epigenetic mechanisms underlying such disorders and introducing the vast range of epigenetic therapies under development.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNeuropsychiatric Disorders and Epigenetics
EditorsDag Yasui, Jacob Peedicayil, Dennis Grayson
Number of pages444
ISBN (Electronic)9780128005279
ISBN (Print)9780128002261
Publication statusPublished - 29-Nov-2016

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