Erratum: Single-cell whole genome sequencing reveals no evidence for common aneuploidy in normal and Alzheimer's disease neurons

Hilda van den Bos, Diana C. J. Spierings, Aaron Taudt, Bjorn Bakker, David Porubsky, Ester Falconer, Carolina Novoa, Nancy Halsema, Hinke G. Kazemier, Karina Hoekstra-Wakker, Victor Guryev, Wilfred Dunnen, den, Floris Foijer, Maria Colome-Tatche, Hendrikus W. G. M. Boddeke, Peter M. Lansdorp

Research output: Contribution to journalErratum

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After the publication of this work [1] it was noticed that there were errors in two author names.

The author names should appear as Aaron Taudt and Maria Colomé-Tatché.
Original languageEnglish
Article number143
Number of pages1
JournalGenome Biology
Issue number143
Publication statusPublished - 30-Jun-2016

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