Evidence-Based Management of Hand Eczema

Marie L.A. Schuttelaar, Jart A.F. Oosterhaven, Geertruida L.E. Romeijn, Wietske A. Christoffers, Angelique N. Voorberg

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Hand eczema is a common skin disease with a wide variation in morphology and a complex etiology based on endogenous and exogenous factors.

The diagnosis of hand eczema is based on patient history, exposure assessment, physical examination, and the results of patch testing. Management of hand eczema starts with education of the patient on the etiology of the disease, and the needed changes in behavior regarding skin care and preventive measures, and avoidance of relevant exposure factors. In many cases, medical treatment is needed for successful management of the disease; use of medication can only be successful with proper education and avoidance of relevant exposure.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationKanerva’s Occupational Dermatology
EditorsS John, J Johansen, T Rustemeyer, P Elsner, H Maibach
PublisherSpringer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-319-40221-5
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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