Exploring Redox Biology in physiology and disease

Anne Koning

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    Oxidation-reduction or redox reactions are responsible for the regulation of numerous bodily processes. Under the most favourable conditions oxidation and reduction are in balance and a network of redox-active compounds provides the rapid sensing and signalling that allows the body to adequately adapt to internal as well as environmental changes. In these circumstances even the notorious reactive oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur species are involved in physiological processes. Indeed, only when the balance between oxidation and reduction is disturbed do these cause the oxidative stress that is related to disease development. For this thesis several elements of the redox network, including thiols and (metabolites of) gaseous signalling molecules, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nitric oxide (NO), were studied in experimental animals and in humans. Thiols are functional groups consisting of a sulfur and a hydrogen atom and are central to the relaying of signals. In reaction with thiols, H2S and NO can protect against damage caused by excessive oxidation and can exert regulatory functions. As is shown in this thesis, the amount of available, unoxidized thiols is reduced in disease. The extent to which this is the case is strongly related to the disease course. The same applies to the regulation of H2S and NO metabolites, sulfate and nitrate, by the kidney. Therefore, this thesis is a plea for acknowledgement of the significance of redox signalling in physiology and disease and calls for further research to allow this concept to be exploited therapeutically in the future.
    Translated title of the contributionEen verkenning van Redox Biologie in gezondheid en ziekte
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    Publication statusPublished - 2017


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