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An introduction is given to the properties and applications of soft-magnetic ferrites. The origin of the magnetism in these spinel ferrites due to superexchange is explained. The developments in understanding and reducing the dissipation of ferrites, notably in MnZn- and NiZn-ferrites, for their main application in inductors and transformer cores are discussed. In addition, two newly emerging applications of ferrites are considered. These are the application of ferrites in thin films. Particularly, the role of antiphase boundaries and insights in the growth and interface structure of magnetite (Fe3O4) on epitaxial substrates is discussed. This is important for the application of ferrite films in integrated magnetic devices, such as tunneling magneto-resistance and spintronic devices. The second, newly emerging field of in which ferrites are applied is in life sciences, in which magnetic beads containing Fe3O4 are applied in in vitro diagnostics and ferrite nanoparticles in biomedicine.
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