Fluorescence molecular endoscopy: A new frontier in the field of gastroenterology

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    For inspection of the gastrointestinal tract in day-to-day clinic, conventional white-light endoscopy is the current standard. However, WL-endoscopy has substantial detection miss rates when considering early lesions in both the upper and lower digestive tract. As colorectal cancer (CRC) and esophageal cancer (EC) are within the top ten most commonly diagnosed malignancies, they are a pressing clinical health problem. Detection and removal of lesions that are still in their premalignant stage can prevent the development of cancer. In addition, early detection and treatment of superficial cancer lesions, which are still restricted to the mucosa and sometimes submucosa, can markedly improve the disease outcome and patient survival. To enhance the diagnostic yield of surveillance endoscopy, and to improve the detection of small and flat lesions, the demand for new endoscopic techniques arose. Hence, a wide variety of imaging modalities have been developed over the past few decades.

    This thesis describes the development, ex vivo evaluation and clinical validation of a fluorescence molecular endoscopy (FME) approach, with which we expect to improve detection and characterization of early lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially in high-risk patient groups, such as patients with a Barrett’s esophagus (BE) or patients with Lynch syndrome (LS), this technique may have great added value. Furthermore, this thesis describes the search for new molecular targets, as well as promising therapeutic – or so-called theranostic – applications of molecular targeted imaging agents.
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    Award date29-Nov-2017
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