Functional reconstruction of photosynthetic bacterial membrane protiens

Willem Crielaard

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    In bacteria primary H+-pumps transform chemical, redox or light energy into an electrochemical potential difference of protons (Δp; PMF) across the cytoplasmic membrane. According to the chemiosmotic hypothesis for energy coupling introduced by Mitchell, the PMF is the driving force for ATP synthesis and secondary transport of solutes. To test this hypothesis, many experiments have been performed to study the relation between the magnitude of the PMF and the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of ATP-synthesis and solute transport. Most conclusions drawn from these experiments depend, however, beavily on the reliability of the methods used to determine the magnitude of the PMF. ... Zie: Summary
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    • Konings, Wilhelmus, Supervisor
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    Place of PublicationGroningen
    Publication statusPublished - 2008


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