Gas and dust cooling along the major axis of M 33 (HerM33es). Herschel/PACS [C II] and [O I] observations

Carsten Kramer*, Thomas Nikola, Sibylle Anderl, Frank Bertoldi, Médéric Boquien, Jonathan Braine, Christof Buchbender, Françoise Combes, Christian Henkel, Israel Hermelo, Frank Israel, Monica Relaño, Markus Röllig, Karl Schuster, Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Floris van der Tak, Simon Verley, Paul van der Werf, Martina Wiedner, Emmanuel M. Xilouris

*Corresponding author for this work

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  • IR continuum, [CII] and [OI] maps of M33

    Kramer, C. (Contributor), Nikola, T. (Contributor), Bertoldi, F. (Contributor), Anderl, S. (Contributor), Boquien, M. (Contributor), Braine, J. (Contributor), Buchbender, C. (Contributor), Combes, F. (Contributor), Henkel, C. (Contributor), Hermelo, I. (Contributor), Israel, F. (Contributor), Relaño, M. (Contributor), Röllig, M. (Contributor), Schuster, K. (Contributor), Tabatabaei, F. (Contributor), van der Tak, F. (Contributor), Verley, S. (Contributor), Van Der Werf, P. (Contributor), Wiedner, M. (Contributor) & Xilouris, E. M. (Contributor), University of Groningen, 7-Jul-2020