Honderd jaar archeozoölogie in Groningen

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One hundred years of zooarchaeology in Groningen. In 1920, Albert Egges van Giffen founded the Biologisch-Archaeologisch Instituut. Even back in 1920, zooarchaeology was a main component of the institute’s research focus and van Giffen started a zooarchaeological reference collection. The zooarchaeology collection gradually expanded, and zooarchaeological research continued to be undertaken under the direction of, first, Prof. Dr. Anneke Clason, then Dr. Wietske Prummel, and now Dr. Canan Çakırlar. In recent years, the field of zooarchaeology has seen a rise in the application of biomolecular approaches. This has happened at the GIA as well. In this paper, we highlight some of the zooarchaeological work and exciting new projects currently being undertaken at the GIA, as well as the implications zooarchaeological research can have for our understanding of the past and our perspective on the environment.
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Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 1-Jun-2021

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