How do asthma and COPD patients think about a patient web portal? Results from a focusgroup study

Esther Metting, Tanja Schrage, Jan Willem Wennemars, Roelof Riemersma, Janwillem Kocks, Robbert Sanderman, Thys Van Der Molen

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Introduction: Patient web portal(PWP)s have been developed by health care providers to increase transparency and enhance self-management. PWPs generally provide access to personal medical records and can include applications like self-management tools or communication options. Studies that have evaluated the effect of a PWP showed mixed results. To increase the effectiveness, patients should be involved in the development process. Aim: To examine the opinion, emotions and needs of asthma and COPD patients towards a PWP. Method: We conducted this study in focus groups: Topics were: 1)Internet and health care, 2)Access to medical records, 3)Communication with healthcare providers, 4)Applications and 5)Self-management. Patients were divided in 3 groups and 3 meetings were organized for each group. Results: In 3 focus groups 29 patients participated (52% men, mean age 65±11 years, 42% asthma, 46% COPD and 13% Asthma/COPD overlap syndrome). Preliminary results show that patients would like to have more reliable information about their disease. Online access to their medical records should be provided if accompanied by an explanation and after consultation with their physician. Benefit of a PWP was considered to be the possibility that different caregivers involved in one patient could see what other caregivers have done or prescribed. Patients thought that a PWP could lead to a more equal relationship with their physician. Discussion: Results from this study can be used in the development of a PWP. Patients considered a PWP to be a valuable instrument especially if it is patient centered so that both the patient and different health care providers can have access to the information.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 23-Dec-2014
EventEuropean-Respiratory-Society (ERS) International Congress - Milan, Italy
Duration: 9-Sept-201713-Sept-2017


ConferenceEuropean-Respiratory-Society (ERS) International Congress
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  • human
  • patient
  • asthma
  • European
  • society
  • self care
  • medical record
  • health care personnel
  • physician
  • interpersonal communication
  • caregiver
  • information processing
  • consultation
  • health care
  • Internet
  • emotion
  • male

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