How is depression valued?

Aikaterini Papageorgiou

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    To evaluate health care interventions, it is important to assess changes in the Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) associated with a particular health condition. Among the different methods to do so, the use of so called “health state valuations” is appropriate for use in economic evaluations of health care interventions. In this method, a certain task is used to assess the impact of the condition on HRQoL. Usually individuals are asked for the number of years they would be willing to trade to live without a particular adverse health condition or state (known as the time-trade-off task). This method has been commonly used in somatic, but much less in mental health conditions, including depression. In this thesis, we found that the time-trade-off task is appropriate to assess the impact of depression and we took some preliminary steps to develop a measure to facilitate valuations of depression. We also looked into particular aspects of depression valuations. Previous valuation studies suggested that people who experience an adverse health condition themselves tend to value this condition less negatively than people who are asked to imagine this condition. We found that the opposite holds for depression, that is people who experience depression tend to value depression more negatively than people who imagine it, particularly mild depression. Another important finding was that when depression co-occurs with a somatic condition, it is valued more negatively, or in other words, it is considered more burdensome, than if it was the only condition. These findings should be further studied and taken into account when assessing the impact of depression when conducting economic analyses of psychological interventions.
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