i-LightIntelligent Luminaire Based Platform for Home Monitoring and Assisted Living

Iuliana Marin, Andrei Vasilateanu, Arthur-Jozsef Molnar, Maria Iuliana Bocicor, David Cuesta-Frau, Antonio Molina-Pico, Nicolae Goga

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We present i-Light, a cyber-physical platform that aims to help older adults to live safely within their own homes. The system is the result of an international research project funded by the European Union and is comprised of a custom developed wireless sensor network together with software services that provide continuous monitoring, reporting and real-time alerting capabilities. The principal innovation proposed within the project regards implementation of the hardware components in the form of intelligent luminaires with inbuilt sensing and communication capabilities. Custom luminaires provide indoor localisation and environment sensing, are cost-effective and are designed to replace the lighting infrastructure of the deployment location without prior mapping or fingerprinting. We evaluate the system within a home and show that it achieves localisation accuracy sufficient for room-level detection. We present the communication infrastructure, and detail how the software services can be configured and used for visualisation, reporting and real-time alerting.

Original languageEnglish
Article number220
Number of pages24
JournalElectronics world
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Oct-2018


  • ambient assisted living
  • intelligent luminaires
  • wireless sensor network
  • indoor localisation
  • indoor monitoring

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