I like to move it move it: Analysing first-aid instruction videos for moving a victim

Charlotte Vijfvinkel, Ielka van der Sluis, Gisela Redeker

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    Instructions, including first-aid instructions, are increasingly made available on video. We need methods for analysing instruction videos that:
    •allow comparisons with their static counterparts which use text and pictures
    •support experimentation to optimize their design.
    In the PAT Project, we have developed an annotation system in ELAN (Version 5.2, 2018), using as an existing annotation scheme for written first-aid instructions (Van der Sluis et al. 2017) to which film-specific annotation categories have been added. This poster presents how this annotation scheme
    can be used for a functional analysis of first-aid videos. We used a corpus
    with 15 videos from different organisations concerning first-aid procedures where a victim needs to be moved: Dragging (i.e. Rautek from the Ground,
    Rautek from a Car Seat) and Turning (i. e. Recovery Position, Prone-To -Supine Roll). Our systematic annotation shows how features (e.g., voice-
    over text, use of stills,film techniques, and added elements) are used in various kinds of action presentations and offers directions for future experiments with viewers and users in actual training situations to test their
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 14-Jun-2018
    EventTABU Dag 2018: The 39th International Linguistics Conference - University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
    Duration: 14-Jun-201815-Jun-2018
    Conference number: 39


    ConferenceTABU Dag 2018

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