Interactive instruction for students with intellectual disabilities: Enhancing independent learning

Henk Blik

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    In Dutch secondary education, intellectual disabled (ID) students follow a special stream called Practical Education (PrO). A preliminary study shows that 58% of the PRO teachers teach their students individually and that 42% gives group instruction. The students often receive education according to the method 'imitate the teachers’ execution'. They do not have to think about the execution and for that reason they do not understand the assignment. They often remain dependent on the teacher. This thesis shows that both group instruction and individual guidance can be improved.
    The first experiment shows how group instruction can become more interactive. Half of the teachers explained a practical assignment and asked questions (direct instruction). The other half has asked and also developed the ideas / solutions of the students (strategy instruction). After strategy instruction, the assignments were performed more independently and with more understanding and they were qualitatively better.
    If individual instruction is applied, an adapted form of video instruction can improve education. In the second experiment, a group of students watched twice a video film about a complex practical assignment. Another group received the same video film once with the task of explaining this video the second time to another. The latter group understood the assignments better and was better able to make the assignments independently.
    Finally, the dissertation shows that through training and coaching the teachers can make their students more active in thinking and speaking. Through more interactivity in the instruction, students will work considerably more independently.
    Translated title of the contributionInteractieve instructie aan moeilijk lerende leerlingen: Enhancing independent learning
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    • University of Groningen
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    Award date12-Oct-2017
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    Publication statusPublished - 2017

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