Looking at possibilities: research into assessment of people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities

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    Through assessment, an overview of the needs, wishes and abilities of people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) can be obtained, which can then be used to attune support to the individual. This study focused on an inventory of assessment practices for this group, using an online survey for professionals who work with people with PIMD. Next, a literature search was performed to find information about the quality of the assessment methods used by professionals. In addition, this study aimed to analyse the measurement quality of two instruments that have been developed for people with PIMD: the Behavioural Appraisal Scales (BAS) and the Inventory of the personal Profile and Support (IPS). To this end, the BAS scores of children and adults with PIMD were analysed. Furthermore, an expert panel assessed whether adaptations of the BAS were necessary and, if so, which ones. For the IPS analysis, the professionals filled in a questionnaire about the feasibility and content validity of the IPS.
    From this study, it could be concluded that a wide range of different instruments are used, but little is often known about their measurement quality. Besides, instruments that have been studied and deemed to be good quality are not always used in practice. Another conclusion was that using a combination of the IPS and BAS led to an adequate representation of the wishes, needs and abilities of a person with PIMD. After adaptations, the applicability and measurement quality of the BAS was assessed as good. With this instrument, the functional abilities of people with PIMD can be assessed in order to support development.
    Original languageEnglish
    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
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    • University of Groningen
    • van der Putten, Annette, Supervisor
    • Paap, Muirne, Co-supervisor
    Award date28-Oct-2021
    Place of Publication[Groningen]
    Publication statusPublished - 2021


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