M-theory and Gauged Supergravities

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Abstract: We present a pedagogical discussion of the emergence of gauged supergravities from M-theory. First, a review of maximal supergravity and its global symmetries and supersymmetric solutions is given. Next, different procedures of dimensional reduction are explained: reductions over a torus, a group manifold and a coset manifold and reductions with a twist. Emphasis is placed on the consistency of the truncations, the resulting gaugings and the possibility to generate field equations without an action. Using these techniques, we construct a number of gauged maximal supergravities in diverse dimensions with a string or M-theory origin. One class consists of the CSO gaugings, which comprise the analytic continuations and group contractions of SO(n) gaugings. We construct the corresponding half-supersymmetric domain walls and discuss their uplift to D- and M-brane distributions. Furthermore, a number of gauged maximal supergravities are constructed that do not have an action.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages144
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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