Method for optimising the energy of pumps

Carsten Skovmose Kallesøe (Inventor), Claudio De Persis (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The method involves determining whether pumps (pu1, pu5) are directly assigned to loads (v1, v3) as pilot pumps (pu2, pu3) and hydraulically connected upstream of the pilot pumps. The upstream pumps are controlled with variable speed for energy optimization. Energy optimization circuits are selected such that the upstream pumps are assigned to one of the energy optimization circuits. The energy optimization circuits are energy-optimized with respect to the upstream pumps, where the upstream pumps comprise a speed-controllable centrifugal pump driven by an electric motor. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a control unit for implementing a method for optimizing energy (2) a pump for implementing a method for optimizing energy.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP2354555
IPCF04D 15/ 00 A I
Priority date19/01/2010
Publication statusPublished - 10-Aug-2011

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