Multidisciplinary oncology care pathways, evaluation of organisational interventions

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    Van Huizen's dissertation evaluates the reorganisation of multidisciplinary meetings (MDTMs) and video-conferencing (VC). It turned out that introduction of a multidisciplinary first-day consultation for head-and-neck cancer and reorganisation of the gastrointestinal oncological MDTM improved the efficiency of the care pathway, particularly waiting times to start treatment. It was shown that in case of multidisciplinary treatment, extra attention should be paid to informing the patient and that wishes should always be taken into consideration.
    Six different types of VC in oncology networks were identified. Applications ranged from ad hoc consultation with experts about complex cases or very rare tumours to regular meetings about e.g. palliative care. Benefits for patients were, less travel, better coordination of care, better access to scarce facilities and treatment in their own community. Benefits for healthcare professionals involved optimised treatment plans through multidisciplinary discussion of complex cases, the ability to inform all healthcare professionals simultaneously on developments in the care of individual patients, enhanced care coordination, less travel and continued medical education.
    The regular VC-MDTM Head-and-Neck Oncology between Groningen University Medical Centre and its partner Leeuwarden Medical Centre added value in discussing complex cases, because the other team offered a fresh perspective by hearing it ‘as new’ and in in keeping their medical viewpoints aligned.
    For management of a care pathway, there was a need for real-time information regarding diagnostic procedures and treatment plans in the form of a ‘real time dashboard’. The added value of such a dashboard should evaluated in future research.
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    • University of Groningen
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    Award date6-Apr-2022
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    Publication statusPublished - 2022

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