New insights in optimizing treatment and the role of cancer stem cells in esophageal cancer

Judith Honing

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    The incidence of esophageal cancer is increasing and the overall 5-year survival at the time of diagnosis is 15-20%. A better understanding of esophageal carcinogenesis and more insight in the molecular mechanisms that drive disease progression is important to optimize current treatment modalities and to develop novel targeted therapeutics. In this thesis optimization of current treatments has been shown to improve prognosis and outcome for esophageal cancer patients. An accurately defined circumferential resection margin had a significant impact on prognosis, while carboplatin/paclitaxel, as definitive chemoradiotherapy regimen appeared to be a better tolerated regimen with similar survival compared to cisplatinum/5-FU. The Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) model could be helpful in achieving a better understanding of esophageal oncogenesis,and can be important to improve current therapy and to identify novel prognostic markers. In this thesis, the OE19 spheroid cell line model has some CSC characteristics and further validation of this model is therefore of interest. Moreover, loss of CD44 or SOX2, markers associated with CSCs, were prognostic for a poor survival. Identification and determining the role of CSCs in EAC is a promising strategy to further improve survival in EAC patients.
    Translated title of the contributionNieuwe inzichten in de optimalisatie van de behandeling en de rol van kankerstamcellen in het slokdarmcarcinoom
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