Nice to have or need to have? unraveling dosage of pain rehabilitation

Franka Petronella Catharina Waterschoot

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    What is the optimum dosage of multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation programs for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain to achieve the desired effect? And where is the distinction between "nice to have or need to have?"

    Scientific research has shown that multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation programs based on the biopsychosocial model have positive effects on disability, participation and quality of life in people with chronic musculoskeletal pain. There are, however, large variations regarding content and dosage of the programs in the Dutch and international clinical practice, indicating that optimal content and dosage are largely unknown. Studies about optimal dosage of pain rehabilitation are absent in scientific literature. Franka Waterschoot took the first steps to unravel the inquiry into the optimum dose of pain rehabilitation.

    Her thesis contain 5 studies regarding dosage of pain rehabilitation from different angles. It shows that multiple specific and common factors play an important role, and consequently, that it is challenging to determine the optimal dosage. In addition, factors related to content and dosage are strongly related. Determining the optimum dosage also depends on the perspective: the perspective from the patient, the practitioner or, for example, the health care provider. Future research is recommended to acquire more knowledge about this topic.

    At present, no robust conclusions can be drawn about the optimal dosage, but there are indications that 'more ' is not necessarily ' better '. It emphasizes that dosage is an important issue and it acquires insight into which factors are important regarding dosage of pain rehabilitation.
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